In Canada, commercial truck driver classification is a MAJOR hot button topic.  Like many things, change is inevitable. Especially as it pertains to the rule of law and taxes. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) have made a very clear change in recent months related to tax and labour status of incorporated drivers operating company vehicles.


    Legal Canadian AZ Truck Driver Jobs

    Driver Inc, which is another term for “independent contractor”, appears to be very much in the cross-hairs of the CRA’s scope.  Driver Inc is when a driver incorporates as a “Personal Service Business”, and operates the equipment of another company. For drivers working as independent contractors, operating another company’s vehicle, this Personal Service Business (PSB) practice is going away.  It is now illegal for drivers to operate under this arrangement.

    In the recent months, In-Transit has received dozens of calls from drivers looking to move away from the Driver Inc model.  In-Transit is actively working with fleets to help drivers that have been operating under the Driver Inc model find a great, LEGAL job.

    In Transit, and its parent company CPC Logistics Canada employ hundreds of professional, safe drivers for some of Canada’s top fleets. These jobs are compliant with Canadian law, and offer Driver Inc drivers great opportunities to work for a company that offers good pay, benefits, flexibility and a professional work environment.

    In Transit Hires Professional AZ Truck Drivers

    If you are a professional driver currently working as an independent contractor and want to remain focused on your profession, In-Transit can take care of the administrative burdens for you.

    In addition to being in compliance with new CRA law related to Driver Inc, In-Transit works with the individual driver to identify what type of work they are looking for and tries to place them with a fleet that fits their preferences.  If you are a Driver Inc driver, whether it be a full-time AZ driver, a part-time DZ driver, or any other type of professional driver and are looking to comply with Canadian law, In-Transit can help!

    Call us today at 905-564-9424 or fill out our quick driver overview and preference form, to let us know a little about you.  We will match up your skills and preferences with our existing opportunities and try to find a great match! If we can help you find a new driving home, we will work very hard to do so!  If we cannot, we will certainly try to point you in the right direction.

    Click here for the full CRA documentation clarifying the agency’s position and enforcement policy.

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